Endless Love - Lionel Richie & Diana Ross (끝없는 사랑 - Endless Love, 1985)

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Genres: Drama | Romance

Country: USA

Language: English

Release Date: 12 September 1981 (South Korea)

Filming Locations: Kaufman Astoria Studios - 3412 36th Street, Astoria, Queens, New York City, New York, USA

All Music

No) Title / Performer / Time

1) Endless Love / Lionel Richie & Diana Ross / 4:25

2) Dreaming of You / Lionel Richie & Diana Ross / 4:31

3) I Was Made for Lovin' You / Kiss / 3:59

4) Dreamin' / Cliff Richard / 3:37

5) Endless Love / 2:45

6) Dreaming of You / 4:44

7) Heart Song / 1:42

8) David Goes to Jade's House / 3:35

9) Ann Sees David and Jade Making Love / 3:32

10) David at the Institution (Dialogue) / 4:28

11) Endless Love (Reprise) / Lionel Richie & Diana Ross / 4:27

My love

내 사랑

There's only you in my life

내 인생은 당신이 전부예요

The only thing that's right

맞아요 당신 하나 뿐이죠

My first love

내 첫 사랑

You're every breath that I take

당신 때문에 숨쉬고

You're every step I make

당신 때문에 살아가고 있어요

And I want to share

당신과 같이 하고 싶네요

All my love with you

당신에 대한 이 모든 사랑을

No one else will do

어느 누구도 대신할 순 없어요

And your eyes(your eyes, your eyes)

당신의 눈을 보면

They tell me how much you care

당신이 날 얼마나 사랑하는지 알수 있어요

Oh, yes, you'll always be

오 맞아요 당신은 언제까지나

My endless love

나의 영원한 사랑이 될거예요

Two hearts

우리 둘의 심장은

Two hearts that beat as one

두개의 심장이 하나가 되었어요

Our lives have just begun

우리 둘의 삶이 이제 시작되었어요



I'll hold you close in my arms

당신 꼭 안고 싶네요

I can't resist your charms

당신 너무나 사랑스러워요

And love I'll be a fool for you

내 사랑 당신을 위해서라면 난 바보가 되어도 좋아요

I'm sure you know I don't mind(you know I don't mind)

당신도 알고 있죠, 몰라도 상관없어요

'Cause, you

왜냐하면 당신은

You mean the world to me

당신은 내 모든 것이니까요

Oh, I know, I found in you

그래요, 난 당신을 통해

My endless love

내 영원한 사랑을 얻었어요

Oh, And love

오~ 내 사랑

I'll be that fool for you

당신을 위해서라면 바보가 되고 싶네요

I'm sure you know, I don't mind(you know, I don't mind)

당신은 알거예요,몰라도 상관없구요

Yes, you'll be the only one

그래요, 당신은 내 모든 것이예요

'Cause no one can deny

그 누구도 부인할 수는 없을 겁니다

This love I have inside

내 마음속에 있는 이 사랑을

I'll give it all to you

내 사랑 전부를 당신께 드릴께요

My love, My endless love

내 사랑, 내 영원한 사랑을요


All Music

No) Title / Performer / Time

1) Proud Mary / Glee / 3:43

2) Endless Love / Glee / 4:25

3) I'll Stand By You / Glee / 3:51

4) Don't Stand So Close To Me/Young Girl / Glee / 2:28

5) Crush / Glee / 3:23

6) (You're) Having My Baby / Glee / 2:46

7) Lean On Me / Glee / 4:17

8) Don't Make Me Over / Glee / 3:25

9) Imagine / Glee / 2:25

10) True Colors / Glee / 3:36

11) Jump / Glee / 3:56

12) Smile [Cover Of Lily Allen Song] / Glee / 3:16

13) Smile [Cover Of Charlie Chaplin Song] / Glee / 3:04

14) And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going / Glee / 4:09

15) Don't Rain On My Parade / Glee / 2:47

16) You Can't Always Get What You Want / Glee / 3:28

17) My Life Would Suck Without You / Glee / 3:31

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